foonspork said: Could you/have you done the scene in season 6 (epsiode 5) where Buffy points out the van and offers to help her steal the van?

yep ill do that for the morning!

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mossy-pussy said: A New Man, season 4 ep. 12! (if you got my message before, i asked about this episode) i looked it up, ahaha, and i looked to see if you capped it already and you didn't! so if you could please get the scene where giles was the demon and he went to get help from Xander but he was still sleeping and Giles goes "good lord, he's still asleep and its almost 10AM" and then i think he said something else a little after that, but yeah! i love that line and always found it funny. =] thank you!!

yes no problem, i will gif that scene and itll be up tomorrow :)

cassinorman said: Hi! Have you done a gif set of S3 E16 when the gang are reflecting on how they think the real Willow is a vampire, and Giles says how "Willow was truly the best of all of us" and Xander says, "Way better than me", Giles replies with, "Much much better" ? :) Thanks!

i got a good screencap of that, ill reblog it for you now!