Anonymous said: Can you please do a GIF of the sissy slap fight between Xander and Harmony in The Initiative S04 E07? Thank you!!

here it is :)

Anonymous said: You know which episode really makes me cry? The one in 7 with Anya and the frat house slaughtering. Do you have anything from that ep? Can't search the tabs properly for some reason. Great blog, btw! Takes me back!

Yep here you are, the ones ive done so far,

Anonymous said: I L-O-V-E this Blog! One of My Favs! Just wondering, could you please do a gif set of the romantic scene in The Bronze between Willow & Kennedy in "The Killer in Me" from season seven? It would be awesome! xoxo

thank you! yes i will for tomorrow

sameinchesterwearsmakeup said: Can you make a screencap with Spike telling Buffy that after she died, every night he saved her, was faster, etc, with the part in Once More Feeling when he sings "First I'll kill her, then I'll save her." I always thought that they were linked and love it so so much. Thank you :)

yep! be up tomorrow

samereks replied to your post:

You’ve made me very sad this day.


Tara & Confidence, season 6

Tara & Confidence, seasons 4 & 5.

Anonymous said: Hey can you please do a combination of the Freshman line "I can't wait until mom sees this bill. I hope it's a funny aneurism" and when in the Body the doctor says "it was an Aneurysm that killed your mother"? I just think it's interesting and kinda sick.

it will kill my soul to do this but i’m dedicated to the cause