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AGES AGO, when I first took over this Tumblr, someone asked for this scene. Annnnnnnnnnnd I suck, and forgot and just found that ask, like, a month ago.

Thank you, buffy-screencaps, for fulfilling an ask I forgot we had!  

No problem! i always feel weirdly guilty too if i forget an ask haha

shefuckingfuck said: Hello, it's me, again ^^ can you make a gif with buffy saying (while crying, the hands on her chest) "ask me again why i could never love you" (after spike tried to rape her) ? :)

yes, in the next few days!

Anonymous said: Do you have a gif set of Season 3 episode 22 graduation part two when Buffy and willow are talking about the mayor doing the whole speech and Willow says "ascend already" also when the whole class pulls out their weapons at the same time

yeah theyll be up over the next few days!

natashas-magic-emporium said: Do you by any chance have a gif of when Spike says to Drusilla "come on. talk to daddy" ? i believe it's in the series 2 episode Halloween.

i tried but its so so dark you cant even see their faces! i cant even fix it either, i’ll post what i managed anyway. anything from scenes in dark places in the early seasons are sometimes impossible to see! i wish they’d remaster buffy and release it again, does anyone know if they’ve done this or plan to?

hanging-flowers said: Would you do a gif of Spike saying "We'll go be heroes" in End of Days S7?

yep, coming up tomorrow!