sudsbubblepop said: I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time making all of these! Love!

No problemo, thank you & love back! :)

Anonymous said: Could you please cap/gif/whatever you feel like, in season 5 "listening to fear" and willow and tara are looking at the stars and willow is talking about how they are meant to make you feel insignificant, but it always made me feel like she's made of stars or something like that? Thank youuu xx

yep be up tomorrow!

Anonymous said: At the end of "I Robot, You Jane" S01E08, Willow, Buffy and Xander conclude that they'll never have normal relationships. I was wondering if you could do a GIF or pic of that? Perhaps (only if you have time or feel like it!) pics of each of their most failed/ "least normal" relationships? Buffy's could be Angel walking after the Prom. Wilow's could be her leaning over Tara's body in Seeing Red and Xander's could be Anya walking away from him after the failed marriage. So sad but so true.

Yes i like this idea :) 

Anonymous said: So, in series 7, 'Help' I think (the one with Cassie), there is a montage of students coming to see Buffy. Eventually the evil jock says that he was just there to get out of class, 'so I should get back to class, huh?' Or something like like that. And Buffy responds with a tiny bitchy head nod. Can we have a gif of just the bitchy head nod? It would apply to so many situations in my life. Thank you so much!

yep i love a bitchy head nod as much as anyone.