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buffyluvrr said: What episode of Buffy was your screencap from? With Xander and Buffy wearing glasses and the red shirt??

Hmm i think maybe youre talking about season 4, ‘Goodbye Iowa’? Anybody correct me if i’m wrong :)

I’m back now and see i hit 5k followers! Thank you, youre all fab :D

igneousrockblocked said: Hey!! I just wanted to say that I love your blog so much! :) also just wondering if you have done one of when Xander asks willow to "gay me up" or something like that (sorry i don't remember much else about it) and also when Buffy comes back from the dead, she asks spike how long she was gone and he gives her exact days and then says "but i guess today doesn't count anymore, does it?" and it is adorable :) thanks!!

Hey, thank you :D yes i can do that! Be up soon!