wetforest said: can u link me/make some of spike being total badass


thats all the posts with spike in! if you still cant find what you want, msg me with a specific moment and i’ll do it :D

YEEEEYYYY my first ever gif was a success! that took me HOURS to work out haha if anyone stole it and reposted it, i’d probably cry a bit inside.

ok i’ve started making gifs…they may not be the best but tell me what you think! gonna post my first one now!

chaneboi said: could you do episode 5 season 7, buffy says something along the line "i am the law" :)

yess i can do that soon

spordeliaaa said: I'm terrible at searching through tags in a specific blog, and it doesn't help that the episode I plan on asking about is a common word: I was wondering if you've ever done a cap of "Helpless" when Buffy is telling Angel how she used to be before she was called, and compares herself to Cordelia, but uses "Spordelia" instead?

hey no problem :) just had a check and i have that for you from last year, i’ll reblog it now!