triplea85 said: Can you screencap the scene in Checkpoint when GIles not-so-subtly asks to be paid retroactively?

yep i’ll make that tomorrow!

realshortskirt said: can you please do some screenshots with the uc sunnydale buildings? the red brick ones are actually part of ucla :) which is where my friend who's a boy goes to school. when they walk under the arch ways, it's a part of royce hall where he had some classes. and i can't find anyyyyy of the shots where she fights faith on the grass! please and thank you. (sorry for the essay of a comment!)

i’ll do my best to make a montage or something of scenes in the uni!¬†

jessielikesmath said: Could you cap the "What are you doing? Here? At this table? Talking to me. Like we're some kind of talking buddies." scene from Crush?

yess love that ep! i’ll do that tomorrow¬†