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Anonymous said: Hi I just saw the post about using your screen caps elsewhere and I just wanted to let you know that on Pinterest even though it doesn't say below the picture where it came from, there is a link to the original website it came from, so you will always be credited in a sense! :)

thanks for letting me know :)

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mom4supes said: Do you mind if I borrow and post? If yes, how would you like to be credited? If not, I understand! Let me know and thx!

if its for tumblr then reblogging is the best but elsewhere as long as i’m credited as the source, it’s all good :)

since pinterest etc came along i’m seeing my posts everywhere uncredited, i dont mind so much as its impossible to do anything about it but its always nicer when people do source correctly :) so thanks for askin!!

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Anonymous said: I may be a bit of a n00b here... How can we search your archive/tags?

never apologise for being a n00b my friend!

for the archive, it’s


and for tags, you type in buffy-screencaps.com/tagged/name of episode here

so for instance if you wanted the episode fool for love, it would be;

buffy-screencaps.com/tagged/fool for love

if youre on a mobile device or ipad, use the dash - instead of spaces