Anonymous said: Hi! Have you done a gif/screencap of what Willow says to Oz after she chooses Tara at the end of New Moon Rising? When she talks about how she was waiting for him, and that he'll always be with her? I love that quote!

yes! my god, i love that part, i think joss wrote the willow/oz/tara thing so amazingly well. itll up be over the next couple of days!

thaaohanshew said: Firstly, you're my favorite of all Buffy blogs!! Secondly, have you ever done a cap or gif set of Dawn's knife scene/monologue in "Blood Ties" (the one that starts with 'Is This Blood?' and ends with 'Am I real?/Am I anything?' or something like that). Dawn is my favorite character and that's one of my favorite scenes but I never see caps or quotes of it! I'm kinda surprised, honestly, because I thought it was such a powerful scene. (I don't know how to search a blog by its tags sorry X_X;; )

hey, thanks! i know there are a lot of buffy blogs so i feel honoured to top someones favourite :D I have not capped that moment, i like it too, i will do it tomorrow and itll be up the next day!

fuckoffpornblogs replied to your post “Are you an angel blog too or just buffy??”

Do you know any angel blogs?

i dont personally, but maybe some followers could leave leave an answer?

Anonymous said: Are you an angel blog too or just buffy??

Just buffy. The only Angel ep i post things from is I Will Remember You. Thats it!

Storyteller // Andrew’s Introductions.

Anonymous said: Can you please Gif the line "To read makes our speaking English good". It's from season one the episode "I Robot, You Jane". Thank you!

Be up tomorrow :)

rainbow-dirt said: Have you made a screen cap of the scene where Tara asks Spike about his muscle cramp in season 6? I love Tara when she's sassy :)

here it is! her face in the last frame is very sassy.